HM450 analysis pregnancy anxiety



DNA methylation profiling of low versus high pregnancy anxiety (22 versus 23 cord blood samples, respectively) using the Illumina Infinium HM450 array

Overall Design

Low (n = 22) and high (n = 23) pregnancy anxiety samples were selected from a study cohort of 80 mother-infant dyads, based on the lowest and highest scores on the Pregnancy Related Anxiety Questionnaire. Cord blood DNA samples were bisulfite treated and randomized across four Illumina HM450 BeadChips. One sample was replicated on each chip to account for batch effects.; ; Please note that four technical replicates were carried out for PELS_08 sample and only the 'replicate 3' was included in further analyses.


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Methylation profiling by genome tiling array


Methylation Array

GSE Submission Date 28/09/2017
GSE Authors Elise,B,Vangeel; Ehsan Pishva; Titia Hompes; Daniel van den Hove; Karel Allegaert; Kathleen Freson; Benedetta Izzi; Stephan Claes
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