Effect of sleep restriction on the human transcriptome during extended wakefulness



In a cross balanced design human subjects were given one week of sufficient sleep and insufficient sleep (6 h per day). Following each of these conditions they were then kept awake for a day, a night and the subsequent day. During each of these periods of extended wakefulness 10 blood samples were taken, RNA was extracted from leukocytes, labelled and hybridised to human whole-genome microarrays

Overall Design

A total of 427 samples comprising 26 human subjects, for which 20 samples across multiple time-points/sleep condition were collected. We have focussed on two genotypes related to the variable number tandem repeat (VNTR) polymorphism of the circadian gene PERIOD3 (PER3): a 4-repeat VNTR allele of PER3 (PER3(4/4)) and a 5-repeat VNTR allele of PER3 (PER3(5/5)).


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Expression profiling by array



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