Gene expression biomarkers for neurobehavioral impairment from total sleep deprivation microarray data [D6]



Healthy human adults were recruited to a sleep lab at Washington State University and remained there 7 consecutive days. Six received a well-rested Control condition of 10 h Time-In-Bed (TIB) nightly.; Another 11 subjects underwent Sleep Deprivation. They had a Baseline with 10 h TIB, followed by an Experimental phase of 62 h continued wakefulness, and finally two nights of 10 h TIB before dismissal. Blood draws on one Baseline day, one Experimental day, and one Recovery day were used for gene expression microarrays.

Overall Design

Blood gene expression microarray data was compared between well-rested Control human subjects and a Sleep Deprived subject group. Furthermore the expression data was related to attention lapses as measured by the Psychomotor Vigilance Test. Three of the Sleep Deprivation subjects were characterized as fatigue resistant based on their PVT lapse profile; resistance was not determined for Control subjects.


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